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Smokin Wheels 1 Day Pass $XX | Weekend Pass $XX


Guam's Top Ride - Auto Show 

**With the show happening at the Drag Strip pit area, space is very limited. The event will only accommodate 70 entries max and will be reserved at a first registered, first served basis and vehicle selection at the discretion of the event coordinators.



3/1/20 - 3/31/20: $50 

4/1/20 - 4/16/20: $70

4/17/20 - 4/18/20: $100 Late & event day of registration only if space available.  

In Person Registration will be accepted at PROLINE in Harmon Industrial Park till 4/16/20 (Tel: 1.671.646.5528)


*Only 70 Slots. Entry is not guaranteed if you are late. Gate closes at 2:30pm or earlier when all slots are set. 

Crews/Teams must roll in together to be parked together.

Show Registration only covers the driver and the vehicle. Passengers must purchase Smokin Wheels general admission ticket.


•ELIGIBILITY All vehicles entering the show must be personally owned and/or registered to an individual. Show vehicles parked under a vendor booth must notify officials of their location prior to judging or they will not be scored. Auto Dealer vehicles will not be allowed to register as a show car. Sponsor or Vendor packages are available for business displays. Any dealer vehicle brought in as a show car for awards will be turned away or charged an additional vendor fee due on the spot in cash. (No registration refunds)


•TIME Roll-in and vehicle check-in starts at 12:00 pm (noon) 04/15/20. Entry is not guaranteed if you are late. Crews/Teams must roll in together to be parked together. Early arrival suggested. Event organizers reserve the right to reject any show entries if vehicle does not meet basic visual criteria.

•ROLL-IN will take place from south pit entrance access from access road located across Welcome to the Raceway Main Entrance sign of off-road and Asphalt oval track.

•SET-UP All vehicles once checked in will be moved into place by show officials. The provided tag number MUST be placed visibly on rearview mirror, dashboard, or on handlebar of bike. Vehicles without numbers will not be looked at or judged. It is the registrants responsibility to make sure their number is seen and their vehicles looked at by judge/s. Once situated, vehicles will not be allowed to move till the end of the event at 11:00pm. 

Vehicles will be allowed to have displays to enhance the look of their vehicle in their provided space. Un-authorized Canopies/ shelters will NOT be allowed to be set-up by participants on show areas. Due to occasional strong winds, displays will need approval from event organizers. Please email 


•CONDUCT Noise should be kept down to a minimum during setup and break down out of respect for fellow entrants.  Displays may not be dismantled until instructed by event officials/staff.  This includes starting the engine and moving the vehicle from its area.  This safety rule will be enforced to protect the attendees. Good conduct shall be enforced during the show, burnouts, un-sportsman like conduct, profanity, fighting, damaging property, starting your vehicle and revving the motor, or display of conduct deemed objectionable by show officials will not be tolerated. No driving around at any speed. Any show car caught in motion on the show field will be sited. GPD and security will be present on the event grounds.



GTR is focused on the stand outs. The best of the best. There is only a single trophy for the category you enter in so choose wisely. 

  • Best of Show

  • Best Crew

  • Best Stance / Fitment Style

  • Best Bagged

  • Best Static

  • Best 4 Door Sedan

  • Best 2 Door Coupe

  • Best VIP Style

  • Best Itasha Style

  • Best Muscle Car

  • Best Drag Race Car

  • Best Drift Car

  • Best Mini Truck

  • Best Motorcycle

  • Best Scooter

  • Best Bicycle

  • Best Off Road 4x4

  • Best Truck / SUV

  • Best Kei Truck / Van

  • Best VW

  • Best Euro

  • Best Classic Build

•CAR SHOW AWARD SELECTION will be conducted by professional off-island guest judges. The final decision will be made by him and secondary judge. Vehicles will be judged on theme, cleanliness, completion, execution, and overall look and awarded accordingly. Judges will start around 3pm and may come back multiple times throughout the evening. It is the sole responsibility of the registrant to make sure that their vehicle is looked at and accessible to judges for scoring. If participant feels their vehicle was not scored by the judges, they must notify event officials at latest 1 hour before awards ceremony. Any claims or disputes must be brought to the attention of event officials no later than 11:00pm. Anything brought up after the event is over will not be entertained. Judges decision is final. 




•WHERE AT THE GUAM INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY IS THE EVENT? The event will take place inside at the Drag Strip. Roll-in entrance will be the back of the pit entrance.


•CAN I PARK WITH MY CREW / TEAM? Yes, you will need to arrive to the event together to guarantee a spot next to your crew. Early arrival is suggested. You will not be able to move around once vehicles have been situated and parked.


•IS MY PASSENGER COVERED UNDER REGISTRATION? Only the vehicle and the driver are covered under registration. Anyone else coming into the event grounds will need a pre-paid ticket (from online or other ticket outlets) or pay at the gate prior to entering show grounds.


•CAN I BRING A COOLER OR BBQ IN MY AREA? Coolers and outside food will not be allowed to be brought into the event area. Personal size non-alcoholic drinks and meals will be allowed during setup time (Up to 2 plastic bottles or cans <NO GLASS BOTTLES>). You will not be allowed to BBQ or set up a tent near your vehicle or in the event area. Food vendors will be on site providing refreshments and something to eat at reasonable prices.    


•I DON’T WANT TO COMPETE IN THE CAR SHOW. This is Guam's Top Ride. Please do not register if you are not in it to win it... All vehicles with assigned numbers are looked at and scored by our judges, and if chosen, Trophies and prizes are given to vehicles for the appropriate award.


•CAN I PARK MY CAR UNDER A BOOTH? Yes, but you will need to notify officials in advance and roll-in early for proper check-in for vehicle number assignment and credentials. Vehicle number must be clearly visible.


•WHAT IS THE LATEST I CAN SHOW UP? Gates will close at 2:30pm for display vehicles but this does not guarantee you a spot on the show grounds. Registration is non-refundable so show up early to get a spot in the show.


•I PAID FOR REGISTRATION BUT MY CAR CAN’T MAKE IT. CAN I TRANSFER MY REGISTRATION TO A FRIEND? Yes, you may transfer your registration to another vehicle or to a friend. You will need to notify event coordinators as early as possible to make this change. Deadline for transfers is 04/16/20. Registration is Non-refundable. Contact


•CAN I LEAVE AND COME BACK AFTER I PARK MY CAR? Yes, upon check in you will be given a wrist band so you will be able to re-enter the show grounds.


•WHERE DO I PARK MY SUPPORT VEHICLE? Support vehicles and vehicles not belonging to the show display will need to park in the main parking lot of the Guam International Raceway. 

For more questions please email 

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