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Upshift Entertainment is a marketing solutions company offering various services in traditional and digital platforms. While we specialize in man event coordination and logistics, we also offer a wide range of other services such as brand development, graphic design, print and digital advertising, videography, simple website design, trademark registration, social media management, media consulting, and translation services.

Having a collaboration with some of the best talent in the industry, it gives us a certain level of flexibility that isn’t normally found and allows us to offer unmatched results on individual projects that you or your company may desire.

Given that Upshift Ent. began as a work of passion and love for automobiles, we understand how dreams are made and the hard work that goes into changing those dreams into reality. In bringing the Upshift Ent. dream into reality, we have produced, directed, or assisted in international events of various scale since 2002. Along with our current partners in Saipan, Osaka, and affiliates in Tokyo, Manila, Stockholm, Moscow, San Francisco and Los Angeles, we continue to expand business relationships throughout the region and the U.S. mainland. 


While Upshift Ent. continues to produce top tier events in-house, we strive to ensure all clientele receive 100% of the attention that their individual projects require.

We appreciate you taking time to visit our site and look forward to doing business with you and more importantly, helping your dreams become reality.

Warmest Regards,


Tom Akigami
Proprietor & Managing Director

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