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GATHER - Car Meet & Show 

ROLL IN TIME: 3:00pm start - 4:30pm end.


Registration opens on 4/13/23 (20 slots) online and (40 slots) in-person.


Registration is $40 per vehicle till Wednesday 4/19/23
Late registration is $100 from 4/20/23-4/22/23 [Online only]

Registration includes one (1) Smokin Wheels weekend admission ticket (Provided at check-in). 
Additional persons must have a ticket or pay at the main gate.

Raceway Admission:
$15 cash at the gate. Tickets also available at all Foody's locations.
Pass is good for all 3 days at Smokin Wheels weekend.

 *Clubs / Teams must roll-in together to be parked near or next to each other.

40 In-Person Registration spots will be accepted at PROLINE in Harmon Industrial Park [Open Mon-Sat 9:00am - 4:00pm] until Wednesday 4/19/23 or sooner if sold out. You can call and check (671) 646-5528

•ROLL-IN TIME 3pm Start. 4:30pm End.

Line up from access road to the back pit gate of drag strip.

•SET-UP All vehicles once checked in will be guided into place by officials. Once situated, vehicles will not be allowed to move till the end of the event at 11:00pm. 

Vehicles will be allowed to have displays to enhance the look of their vehicle in their provided space. Un-authorized Canopies/ shelters will NOT be allowed to be set-up by participants. Due to occasional strong winds, displays will need approval from event organizers. Please email no later than 4/20/23.


•CONDUCT Respect those around you and be mindful of your behavior. Displays may not be dismantled until instructed by event officials/staff.  This includes starting the engine and moving the vehicle from its area.  This safety rule will be enforced to protect the attendees. Good conduct shall be enforced during the show, burnouts, un-sportsman like conduct, profanity, fighting, damaging property, starting your vehicle and revving the motor, or display of conduct deemed objectionable by show officials will not be tolerated. No driving around at any speed. Any vehicle caught in motion in the display area will be sited and removed from facilities. GPD and security will be present on the event grounds.



Vehicles entered into the event will be screened by our guest judge; Former D1GP driver and custom car garage owner Dart Izumi Jr. from Japan. Trophies will be given out to vehicles that stand out. Judging will be done in a very similar fashion to the Offset Kings and Slammed Society events we've put together. Judge will choose the standout vehicles based on vehicle style. 

Standard criteria of cleanliness, overall appearance, theme, fitment, etc. will play a big role in his decisions. 

We'll also be giving out an award to the best crew of the night so make sure you break out them matching shirts, decals, and spread some positive vibes on the show grounds!




• WHERE AT THE GUAM INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY IS THE EVENT? The event will take place at the drag strip.

• CAN I PARK WITH MY CREW / TEAM? Yes, of course! You will need to arrive to the event together as we'll be guiding you where to park 


• IS MY PASSENGER COVERED UNDER REGISTRATION? No. He/She will be required to have a pre-purchased ticket from Foody's or pay $15 at the gate upon entry into the Guam International Raceway during temp, health, and vehicle check at the gate. 


• CAN I BRING A COOLER OR BBQ IN MY AREA? Coolers and outside food will not be allowed to be brought into the Raceway.  You will not be allowed to BBQ or set up a tent near your vehicle or in the event area. Food vendors will be on site providing refreshments and something to eat at reasonable prices. Vehicle checks will be conducted at the gate.   


• CAN I PARK MY CAR UNDER A VENDOR BOOTH? Yes, but please notify us ahead of time. Don't want you missing out on any awards.


• WHAT IS THE LATEST I CAN SHOW UP? 5pm. The later you show up, the further away from the action you'll be parked. That's all up to you and your homies. Roll-in starts at 3pm till 4:30pm, we hope to keep things moving according to schedule. we should have everyone situated by 5ish.


• I PAID FOR REGISTRATION BUT MY CAR CAN’T MAKE IT. CAN I TRANSFER MY REGISTRATION TO A FRIEND? Yes, you may transfer your registration to another vehicle or to a friend. You will need to notify event coordinators as early as possible to make this change. Deadline for transfers is Thursday 04/20/23. Registration is Non-refundable. Contact


• CAN I LEAVE AND COME BACK AFTER I PARK MY CAR? Yes, but make sure you get your wristband or stamp on the way out to be able to re-enter the raceway without paying again.


• WHERE DO I PARK MY SUPPORT VEHICLE? Support vehicles and vehicles not belonging to the meet (60 designated slots) will need to park in the main parking lot of the Guam International Raceway. 

For more questions please email 

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