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GATHER - Car Meet & Show 


Registration opens on Friday 06/18/21 (30 slots) online and (50 slots) in-person.


$20 per spot

Registration does NOT include the $5 gate admission into the raceway. You will still need to pay $5 to enter raceway upon temperature / health check at gate. Admission into the raceway is $5 per person. Bring cash. Exact change will speed up the process.

50 In-Person Registration spots will be accepted at PROLINE in Harmon Industrial Park starting this Friday till Thursday 6/24/21 or sooner if sold out. You can call and check 646-5528


*Only 80 Slots. Entry is not guaranteed if you are late. Crews/Teams must roll in together to be parked together in the oval track.

•ROLL-IN TIME 5pm Start. 7pm End.

You may standby in main parking lot prior to roll-in to asphalt oval if early or waiting for the rest of your crew.

•SET-UP All vehicles once checked in will be guided into place by officials. Once situated, vehicles will not be allowed to move till the end of the event at 11:00pm. 

Vehicles will be allowed to have displays to enhance the look of their vehicle in their provided space. Un-authorized Canopies/ shelters will NOT be allowed to be set-up by participants. Due to occasional strong winds, displays will need approval from event organizers. Please email 


•CONDUCT Social distancing and use of face masks that cover the mouth and nose will be required when congregating with those outside your circle. Respect those around you and be mindful of your behavior. Displays may not be dismantled until instructed by event officials/staff.  This includes starting the engine and moving the vehicle from its area.  This safety rule will be enforced to protect the attendees. Good conduct shall be enforced during the show, burnouts, un-sportsman like conduct, profanity, fighting, damaging property, starting your vehicle and revving the motor, or display of conduct deemed objectionable by show officials will not be tolerated. No driving around at any speed. Any vehicle caught in motion in the display area will be sited and removed from facilities. GPD and security will be present on the event grounds.


•AWARDS (If any... C'mon it's a meet like we said, not a car show.)

We will be raffling some stuff to all entrants so there's that. 

If we decide to give any out any awards or trophies (IF), it will be conducted in a fair and non biased manner using a simple points system.

For example, we'll be using a 0 - 10 point scale to determine the best club / team. It's going to be Quality over Quantity.

0 points for no modifications. So your buddy with the bone stock car rolling with your team or club, he's not going to help with racking up points for that award. 10 points for the car or truck in your team with the full custom paint, aero, wheels, interior, suspension, engine upgrades, super clean and just an all-out badd ass neck breaking ride. 




• WHERE AT THE GUAM INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY IS THE EVENT? The event will take place inside the Asphalt Oval Track.

• CAN I PARK WITH MY CREW / TEAM? Yes, of course! You will need to arrive to the event together as we'll be guiding you where to park 


• IS MY PASSENGER COVERED UNDER REGISTRATION? Actually neither of you are covered. All people in the vehicle will need to pay $5 (CASH) upon entry into the Guam International Raceway during temp, health, and vehicle check at the gate. 


• CAN I BRING A COOLER OR BBQ IN MY AREA? Coolers and outside food will not be allowed to be brought into the Raceway.  You will not be allowed to BBQ or set up a tent near your vehicle or in the event area. Food vendors will be on site providing refreshments and something to eat at reasonable prices. Vehicle checks will be conducted at the gate.   


• WHATIS THE JUDGING CRITERIA FOR THE CAR SHOW? Yo, this was a trick question to see if you were paying attention. This is a Car Meet. Ain't nobody scoring your car. Don't lose sleep over it. Come out, chill, have some fun. 


• CAN I PARK MY CAR UNDER A BOOTH? Sure if they want you to? We're assuming your car must be really nice if its parking under a sponsor booth. Good on ya! Looking forward to seeing that ride! 


• WHAT IS THE LATEST I CAN SHOW UP? 7pm. The later you show up, the further away from the action you'll be parked. That's all up to you and your homies. Roll-in starts at 5pm, we hope to keep things moving according to schedule and not have to drop everything to park your car after 7pm. 


• I PAID FOR REGISTRATION BUT MY CAR CAN’T MAKE IT. CAN I TRANSFER MY REGISTRATION TO A FRIEND? Yes, you may transfer your registration to another vehicle or to a friend. You will need to notify event coordinators as early as possible to make this change. Deadline for transfers is Thursday 06/24/21. Registration is Non-refundable. Contact


• CAN I LEAVE AND COME BACK AFTER I PARK MY CAR? Yes, but make sure you get stamped on the way out to be able to re-enter the raceway without paying again.


• WHERE DO I PARK MY SUPPORT VEHICLE? Support vehicles and vehicles not belonging to the meet (80 designated slots) will need to park in the main parking lot of the Guam International Raceway. 

• I DON'T FEEL SO GOOD. Dude, do us all a favor and stay HOME! 

For more questions please email 

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